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Motivation Dimension 


Applying this Dimension


The Motivation Dimension helps us apply principles, so each employee is motivated to maximize their contribution to the team and Koch’s long-term success by realizing their potential. This includes: 

  • Aligning the incentives between individuals and the organization. 

  • Recognizing and rewarding value creation.

  • Supervisors knowing their employees and motivating each based on what is meaningful to them. 

  • Removing barriers so individuals can contribute more.


The Motivation Dimension and You

The Motivation Dimension helps you recognize that you succeed by maximizing your contribution to Koch's long-term success. It includes: 

  • Contributing in ways that are rewarding to you personally.

  • Proactively creating value in new ways.

  • Having conversations with your supervisors about ways to earn more by contributing more.

  • Identifying barriers that keep you from contributing more and seeking help to overcome or remove them. 


Try It

Applying the five dimensions often requires reflection, asking questions, and discussion. Below are some prompts to get you started.