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What Now?

By themselves, words on a page or a screen don’t change anything. But when we seek to better understand the meaning of what is being said and to translate those words into action, we can accomplish great things.

Here are half a dozen suggestions for how you can immediately begin putting our new framework and Vision to work:

1. Believe in yourself

You have talents, abilities, passions and interests, any or all of which may be used to benefit others as well as yourself. Focus your efforts on being the best that you can be. “Every person is, in part, his own project,” Maslow said, “and makes himself.”

2. Seek mutual benefit

Honestly evaluate whatever value you are creating, then begin thinking about how you can become even more successful by benefiting others. No matter how good our intentions might be, if we are not creating value in a spirit of mutual benefit, we are missing the mark.

3. Embrace change

Creative destruction requires us to embrace change. It’s why however well we are doing, long-term success requires that we continually strive to do even better. Don’t resist something just because it isn’t what you prefer, or because it requires effort to learn how to make the change.

4. Be open

Lifelong learners open themselves to new ideas and ways of doing things. The willingness to learn from anyone who has something to teach us enhances the chance we will succeed — not just today but over a lifetime. To increase your contributions, seek the insights of others rather than relying only on your own opinions. Don’t complain without offering solutions.

5. Build personal knowledge

We succeed by converting our conceptual knowledge of the principles that constitute our framework into personal knowledge – into effective tools for solving problems and making discoveries. Personal knowledge is built by correct and frequent practice over time.

6. Seek help

To develop the understanding of how to use principles to achieve results, seek help wherever you can find it: from supervisors, co-workers and others. Then, question and challenge, and try different ways to apply principles. Also, take advantage of the many online resources available.